Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Color, Surface, Structure

Digital Photograph from the series
Bookmarks for a Mixed Race Narrative (Who Could and Couldn't Marry Whom)
My Family Constellation (1953/1964)

Scanning the studio in search of an appropriate material, my eyes landed on a package of wood shims, those inexpensive sticks used to stir paint, level, etc. In a moment of serendipity, I realized they were precisely the material - the perfect medium - to translate the paper ‘bookmarks’ (above left) into a three-dimensional structure/surface for oil paint. After putting these two photographs side by side on Instagram, I realized I enjoy seeing the inherent variations in the natural tones of unpainted wood. Still, I'm eager to work with oil pigments on this new series of shim constructions (stay tuned:). The pattern suggests weaving, yet the stacks of shims are actually stepped. It seems I’m perpetually working out the relationship of color and surface to structure.

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